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Uitdagende stage: Human Machine Interface

What will you be doing?

In the coming future, the interaction between automated vehicles and driver will become more complex. Specifically, automated vehicles will need to transfer control to a human driver. Several researches focused how to assure a safe transfer control or how human driver will be able to safely take back control of the vehicle after automated driving.

The purpose of this project is to evaluate this topic with aim at gaining valuable insight to achieve the safety of automated vehicles for different levels of autonomies.

The following activities will be performed:

  • Transfer of Control description
  • Modelling transfer of control
  • Key elements for safe interaction
  • Condition for Transfer of Control
  • Assessing transfer of Control
Over deze vacature
  • Standplaats: Zoetermeer
  • Opleidingsniveau: Wo
  • Vakgebied: Technologie
  • Reageren kan tot: 07-08-2020

Who do you work with?

RDW is the Netherlands Vehicle Authority in the mobility chain. RDW has developed extensive expertise through its years of experience in executing its statutory and assigned tasks. Tasks in the area of the licensing of vehicles and vehicle parts, supervision and enforcement, registration, information provision and issuing documents. Tasks that RDW carries out in close cooperation with various partners in the mobility chain. This provides RDW with a clear position in this chain, with its mission being: RDW stands for safety, sustainability and legal certainty in mobility.

As a trainee, you work for the Vehicle Regulation & Licensing (VRT) division. You are part of the Applied Innovation team that focuses on knowledge and product development for the development of new legislation, new licensing frameworks and working methods for vehicle innovation. We take a learning-by-doing approach, developing new products and knowledge and then validating them by also applying them, including by conducting practical trials on public roads.

Strategic goals VRT:

  • The project will increase the RDW influencing power and position in Europe based on the gained knowledge expertise.
  • This knowledge will help RDW to act as a driver for new regulations and on the development of framework for automated vehicles.

Why does this position suit you?

Developments in mobility are accelerating all the time. At RDW, you can't sit and wait for the new innovations. When you work for the RDW, you are expected to think ahead and anticipate developments, particularly in this age, with its new challenges and new issues. This is the moment to join us. At the RDW, you are not merely an observer. You actively help facilitate new developments, promote traffic safety and the efficient use of vehicles and alternative fuels. Our ambitious organization suits employees who wish to push their boundaries, who want to learn and fulfil their potential. By investing in our employees, we make innovations possible. Working for the RDW means working towards a new age.

You are a 3rd or 4th year student with a healthy dose of energy, perseverance and a solution-oriented mind.

You have the expertise in Human Factors Engineering.

Then you are at the right place at RDW!

What can we offer you?

  • An interesting and challenging internship position for 6 months, starting from September 2020
  • An allowance of €450,- per month
  • The supervisor will assure his full availability as well as a friendly environment
  • One time per week a familiarization meeting will be held to introduce the stagiair into RDW world and supporting him/her in the working activities
  • One time per week an on line follow up meeting will be held to discuss about the project progresses, potential difficulties or special needs.


Do you want to know more about this assignment? Please contact Espedito Rusciano (senior advisor), ERusciano@rdw.nl.

Interesting internship? We would like to receive your response with motivation and CV no later than August 30.

RDW. Werken aan een nieuwe tijd.

De ontwikkelingen in mobiliteit gaan steeds sneller. Bij de RDW kun je de nieuwe innovaties niet afwachten; van een RDW’er wordt verwacht dat je vooruitdenkt en anticipeert op de ontwikkelingen. Zeker in deze tijd, met nieuwe uitdagingen en nieuwe vraagstukken. Dit is hét moment om in te stappen. Want bij de RDW kijk je niet toe, maar draag je actief bij aan het mogelijk maken van nieuwe ontwikkelingen, de verkeersveiligheid en het efficiënt inzetten van voertuigen en alternatieve brandstoffen.

Voor intermediairs: we verzorgen de werving graag zelf. Aanbiedingen op onze vacatures worden niet gewaardeerd. Flex vacatures vervullen we in samenwerking met onze vaste leveranciers.